Ladda ner

Our vision with MyDay is to create a digital aid tool with a price tag that can be afforded by all. 

Ladda ner

MyDay is an adaptable photo calendar made to aid people in communicating with others about the things that are going on in their life, and for those who want to document or simply plan their days using photos and captions. It can be used by individuals and institutions alike.

A modern and intuitive design, with various adjustable touch settings to control the viewing screen, and match varying motor skills.

Download link:  Apple AppStore

  • Use it to go over activities that have happened or will happen.
  • Initiate discussion and encourage verbal communication.
  • Adjustable touch controls to suit various mobility needs.
  • Easy and fast navigation around the calendar. Simply tap to jump to a specific month and year. 
  • Respecting privacy. All your data is stored locally, only on your device.