Zesti travel apps

Zesti is a combination of free to download mobile phone applications for travellers and a web platform for businesses to directly advertise and manage their ads in the apps.

Website information: zesti.gr
App download page: zesti.gr/downloads

Key features of the platform:

  • Dynamic platform: You can change any information, text or photo in your ad space at any time, simply with your mobile phone, and as many times as you want, easily and quickly. For example, a business may add an offer for a given day and then just take it out the next one.
  • Direct contact with users: Our members have also the ability to send direct messages via notifications, to all users of the application, how many they are, 500 or 5000. For example, a bar or restaurant can send an invitation for a special night, with just a click to thousands of visitors of the island, a feature that only exists in our applications.
  • Multi-app advertising: With Zesti you can now advertise your business and services across multiple apps, thus reaching a broader audience. Easily managed by just a single account on our platform.
  • Precise geolocation: You have the ability to easily mark your exact location on the map so that your customers can easily find you with the use of GPS on their phone and you can also increase your social media reach by promoting them in our apps.

2021 Light-box poster (above) and video ad (bellow) displayed on ferry boats that operate in the area.